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We kayak for Nature

Bringing awareness of the need to protect our delicate ecosystems in Aruba with conservation of Commandeurs Baai as a focal point. On Saturday, 4th of September 2021 we are going to cross from Curaçao to Aruba by kayak. We will start at Playa Kalki, west point of Curaçao, in the early morning hours and plan to arrive at Serene By The Sea Resort in the afternoon.

Goal: Afl. 27.548 / US$ 15.742

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Commandeurs Baai


The aim of the Fundacion Proteccion y Conservacion di Commandeurs Baai is to protect and conserve the heritage of the neighbourhoods Savaneta, Brazil and Pos Chiquito. We defend and protect the coast and the ocean in the area of Commandeurs Baai as well as the mangroves from Spanish Lagoon all the way up to Zeewijk.

Ryan De Jongh Charity


We dedicate ourselves to the empowerment of especially our youth including sports, education and nature to implement preservation, the country nature as well as the marine environment.

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    "Kayak for Nature"

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Long Distance Kayakers

Kayaker 1

Angelo Kock

I grew up in the neighbourhood of Savaneta and have been swimming in the Commandeurs Baai since I was a child. From an early age on I knew how to enjoy nature and it's tranquility. What better place then Savaneta to do so. Kayaking is one of my favorite hobbies. This is how the challenges began for me: In 2018 I accompanied 5 local swimmers (Davy Bisslik, Stephan Thijsen, Romar Arendsz, Deaxo Croes and Wendy Kock-Croes) from Venezuela to Aruba. After that, in 2021 I supported Deaxo Croes for his training from Bonaire to Curacao. Last August I, Ryan De Jongh and Stefanie Ekert we did a full around Aruba kayak trip. I am someone who likes to challenge myself. I dedicate this challenging journey to show the love that I have for Savaneta and most importantly to bring awareness to the conservation of nature and especially Commandeurs Baai!

Kayaker 2

Luis Wever

From a young age as an ‘Arubiano’, I grew up sharing with and caring for our sister island of Curaçao/Corsou, via renowned Aruban swimmer, Roly Bisslik’s ‘Aruba Dolphins Swimming Club,’ sharing the sport with brothers from ‘De Dolfijnen’ en also with ‘Sithoc,’ both from Curaçao. Later with the late renowned Aruban tennis coach, Eddy Ras with brothers and sisters from SOV Asiento of Curaçao and the T.I.H.T.A. international tennis tournament on Aruba. During a total of 17,5 years living in the Netherlands, the love for Curaçao as an ‘Arubiano’ grew considerably knowing, meeting, sharing live and love with brothers and sisters from Curaçao. We remember, the University of Groningen, the streets of Groningen, De Zolder, Troubadour, Rumba, IKEA, De Drie Gezusters, The Glory and De Oosterpoort (all in Groningen), Uilenstede, Easy Times, Caprice, Heineken Music Hall and Pepsi Stage (all the last in Amsterdam), and Masjid Al-Oemmah (Den Haag), which were venues where the halls and walls have many bridge building stories to tell, between me as an ‘Arubiano’ and and the ‘Yiu di Corsou.’ Speaking your native tongue in another country makes people feel at home. Back on my native island of Aruba, the relationship continues, where the passed shaped to present, which on its turn shapes the future. In 1988, Mr. Roly Bisslik swam from Venezuela to Aruba, inspiring, 5 swimmers, Davy Bisslik, Stephan Thijsen, Romar Arendsz, Deaxo Croes and Wendy Kock-Croes, to perform this long distance swimming again. This has inspired me as Romar Arendsz’ and Angelo Kock as Davy Bisslik’s kayak riders to go for more in kayaking as well as Deaxo Crores in swimming. Mr. Roly Bisslik happened to inspire our brother from Curaçao, Ryan de Jongh, long distance kayaker as well, to cover more maritime distances. On his turn, Ryan, is currently serving as the motivator, inspirator and trendsetter for us as ‘Arubianos’ in the endeavour of covering more maritime distances. Except reasons for personal life experience enhancement by kayaking, the next trajectory from Playa Kalki, Curaçao to Serene by the Sea at Savaneta, Aruba on the 4th of September, there is the main reason, which is to raise awareness to the preservation of our natural aspects of our islands, especially mangroves and the marine life surrounding these, wherever we can and in this case in the Commandeursbaai. The last is the old name for the town of Savaneta, which is the cradle of both Angelo Kock and me. A third reason for me to do this is to live the inter island inspiration of the past, connected to the present, where inter island inspirations, connectivities and growth among the people are given the chance to flourish. We, people from small island states, are more than eager to push our individual and collective potentials, to the advantage to our ‘dushi’ Caribbean islands of Aruba and Curaçao, by performing intergenerational and inspirational challenges.

Kayaker 3

Stefanie (Nine) Ekert

During the last months I've learned a lot about the culture, the people and the nature of the Caribbean Islands, especially Aruba and Curacao. This crossing will be my first open ocean long distance kajak tour and therefore something very special to me! I dedicate this unforgettable experience to Passion and Love for Nature and the support of Commandeurs Baai Foundation, Ryan De Jongh Charity Foundation and Childfirst Foundation.

Kayaker 4

Anthony Guillermo

I only discovered nature 4 years ago, when I joined Ryan de Jongh in his quest to conserve and to protect the Mangrove of Curacao.  Maybe the word 'respect' is better used. I did knew a lot about nature, and the way we as human we mistreathing nature, destroying it. I knew what we all, including me should not be doing in nature or towards nature, so that we could preserve that what we had. But it was not until I started hanging out with Ryan, when he took me on kayaking, that I truly began to understand out impact on nature. Now I am a fervent kayaker. who wants to use his ability to kayak long distances to draw attention to the cause of nature. September 4th I will be kayaking together with Ryan, Stefanie and two others kayakers form Aruba, departing form Playa Kalki Curacao, to Commandeursbaai Aruba. Our cause? The persvation of the mangroves in Aruba. Please donate to this cause.

Kayaker 5

Ryan De Jongh

Passion and Love for Nature (Conservation, Restoration, Education)... ARUBA / SAVANETAAAA, HERE WE COME! Please feel free to donate.

Support Boats


boat-TALIKA, A86Rudolf Anthony (Andy) Thijsen, Christian Mejía

Zeerover, A2603

boat-Zeerover, A2603Eric Bisslik, Jerico (Jerry) V/d Linden, Ronald Petriona

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